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Loyalli iTunes/Play Store

Loyalli allows you to store loyalty cards from you favourite retailers on your phone.


Not only that, you can use Loyalli to discover exciting loyalty offers near home or across the UK, simply click on the “nearby” button.


View store opening times and pricelists even give feedback, all from within the application.


Discovered an amazing offer or retailer? Why not join their Facebook or Twitter community, or share your experiences with your own social network.


Never lose, damage or forget a loyalty card again, start being rewarded for your loyalty!


Loyalli users scan a QR code to stamp a virtual loyalty card in Loyalli registered venues. Start enjoying more free stuff and let us keep track of all of those unsightly cards for you.


We are adding new retailers everyday. If you can’t find your favourite, send us their details and we’ll help get them offering rewards in no time.