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CONOJO – the 5 in 1 whiteboard app

Download for iPad

More than a drawing app – with this app you can step into the producer seat to unleash your creative genius. Collaborate with other Conojo users, narrate whiteboard sessions and share your ideas visually.

Create – Collaborate – Narrate – Inform – Invite

• Versatile toolset has everything you want for collaborating, sketching, problem-solving, explaining and teaching. Powerful set of easy-to-master drawing tools and blueprints. Draw, sketch and express ideas in seconds. Record your whiteboard session instantly with video and sound. Explain concepts with narration and hand drawn animations. Meet in Real Life via bluetooth to bring your ideas to life.

• Many formatting options and backgrounds (25). Lines, dots, grids, green screen and more.

• Visual blueprints to express concepts quickly and easily. Bar charts, graphs, circle charts, fishbone diagrams, flowcharts. Pick and choose precisely what you need to express your ideas – fast.

• Ability to import nearly any file type via Dropbox, Photo Roll, WebDav, or box for annotation or explanation.

• Changing your mind is quick and easy. Objects can be easily arranged and rearranged. Simple scissor tool lets you cut and move elements of your whiteboard drawing. You can always step back and redraw with the Undo function. No time to finish your sketch? No problem. Find your drawing and complete your masterpiece. It’s easy with a gallery view library of thumbnail sketches.

• Ability to import photos from your iPad, Dropbox, or the web for annotation or explanation. Draw and write on photos to add a personal touch.

• Flexible drawing tools include: pencil, pen, marker, highlighter, and eraser. Enjoy fluid brush strokes in multiple widths and unlimited colors.

• A complete training course shows you in 36 videos how to draw cool Conojo icons.

• Intuitive keyboard lets you choose from over a hundred stylish fonts. Change the font style, size and color instantly.

• Screen casting gives you the opportunity to narrate your whiteboard session. The video and sound recording tools are push-button simple. Your recorded whiteboard video can be exported directly to YouTube or shared by email, facebook, twitter, saved on Evernote or in a box account. Express your ideas and show the world what you mean.