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iFoundYou – Find your soul mate

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Welcome to ifoundyou the first Serendipity iPhone Application. Determine your soul-mates birthday using Chinese, Indian or Western Astrology. Next, enter your birthday your soul-mates birthday into the Ifoundyou Iphone Application. You will get a push notification and email when a member joins whose birthday is the same as the birthday you entered for your soul-mate..

For example, you are born on June 9, 1969. Your soul-mate is July 24, 1971. Using the Ifoundyou Iphone Application you enter this infomration. A guest joins whose birthday is July 24, 1971. This is the information you entered as your soul-mate in the Ifoundyou Iphone Applcation,

You get a push notification and email that your soul-mate has been found.. You decide to meet to see if you are a match. A year later you get married.

Not everyone who uses this iPhone application will meet their soul-mate or get married. The Ifoundyou Iphone Application requires all guests to take a leap of fath in Serendipity will play a helping hand in finding their soul-mate.