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Keep Their Memory Alive

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if you’ve lost someone, sadly nothing we do will bring that person back. What we can do is remember and try to help keep their memory alive. Most of us keep our Smartphone close by, checking emails using social media etc. ‘Keep Their Memory Alive’ memorial app uses the technology to enable a family to create, on the phone, a memorial to a ‘loved one’ in pictures, stories and video, a memorial that can be shared with other family and friends, allowing them to contribute to.

Not only will you be building a complete and rich memorial to your ‘loved one’ but you’ll be creating a connected common interest remembrance community right on your phone, ensuring family, friends and colleagues to stay in touch.

The app use GPS technology to create memorial location. Everyone who has lost someone has a place of remembrance, a special place where you might have spend time together, such as a beach, a family home, or a place where they were laid to rest such as a battlefield or a grave.

The app records that specific place as a ‘remembrance GPS location’ by either finding the spot on a map and dropping a pin on the location or simply being at the location with the app open and pressing the record GPS button. It could be anywhere in the world.

Either way, once the ‘remembrance location’ is recorded, the memorial is linked to that GPS location. The app shows a map of nearby ‘remembrance locations’ with a cluster of memorial markers, clicking any individual memorial marker on the map, opens up the persons complete life story in pictures, videos and stories.

The ‘remembrance location’ might be a conflict zone such as Normandy, France in WW2 or Ypres in Belgium where many brave WW1 soldiers fell on both sides. At last others, now and in the future, will be able to see clusters of life stories and memorials to fallen heroes in the exact location they fought together and died together.

Away from conflict, the ‘remembrance location’ you choose might be where a family is well known, where it originated or where other family members are located on the app, thus creating a family cluster. Alternatively it could simply be a favourite place you spent time together with happy memories.

The ‘remembrance location’ is of particular interest to those who have loved ones’ who have been cremated and there is no grave or the grave is too far away.

• 100% Free and NO in App purchases, 100% functionality.
• Harnesses the power of positive sharing to enable grief resolution
• Easy upload of stories, video, images and audio onto a Memorial.
• Quick edit mode, update a Memorial at anytime
• Invite contributors to share and add content to a Memorial.
• Record a Special Memorial Location via GPS
• Establish a Remembrance Community from networks and contacts.
• View Memorials created and shared by others.
• Create as many Memorials as required – no limitations