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Download for iPhone

Tymepass calendar share exclusively for iPhone.

It’s an easy way to arrange and share your time. See what your friends are up to, invite them, join them, or even avoid them!

With Tymepass, you can share and showcase your social life through the events you attend and get-togethers you arrange, giving friends a window into your real life.

Tymepass makes it easy for you to arrange meet-ups by allowing access to your friends social calendar, letting you see when they’re free to hang out.

You’ll have extra opportunities to be together, and find out more about what your friends really like to do than on any social network.

You can link your Tymepass to your Facebook & Twitter, making it hassle-free to invite friends.

Tymepass gives you the option to sync with your native iPhone calendar, so if you’re already a calendar power user it’s easy to start Tymepassing!

Pure magic lives inside Tymepass, and it’s completely free to use with no in-app advertisements!